CA Ed Code Does Not Require Social Security Numbers For Students To Enroll

Please note — civil rights groups have filed a request with the California State Attorney General to halt the practice of collecting Social Security Numbers as part of the enrollment process. This false “requirement” is subtly deterring many undocumented children from pursuing their educations as protected by law. Some districts even ask for location of birth, birth certificate information, or time of length at address — all of which are unnecessary and not required for school registration.

It’s come to light that a number of school districts are  doing this in violation of California Ed Code:

No legitimate purpose can be articulated for requiring a social security number at enrollment as Educ. Code §49076.7(b) expressly provides that: “A school district, county office of education, or charter school shall not collect or solicit social security numbers or the last four digits of social security numbers from pupils or their parents or guardians unless otherwise required to do so by state or federal law.” There simply is no state or federal statute or regulation that requires collection of this information for enrollment. Therefore, districts that do so violate this Education Code section.


See the attached lengthy complaint filed with Attorney General Xavier Bacerra, March 27, 2017. Check to see if your school district is in violation. If so, contact them and have them remove those fields from forms incoming families fill out and ask school districts to do a data purge of those fields for all students for whom that information is already collected.



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