You Passed the Safe Haven Resolution, Now What?

It’s a cause for joy that more and more school districts are taking active steps to declare to families that they are safe havens and affirm that all students will be welcome and sheltered from whatever hostilities the Trump administration can sling at them. (We’ve always known that many of our students are not safe even before this administration came to power:  ones caught up in the Obama administration’s deportation grind or in the school-to-prison pipeline or told every day their lives are lesser, LGBTQIA or special needs students pushed out from schools.) But once you delve deeper into ICE raids and see how the fear continues to plague many mixed status families, you realize that the devil’s in the details.

Here are four checklists to ensure that the details of school policy actually address safety for students and their families. Give extra attention to school dropoff and pickup. We’re always updating these so if you find actions that are helpful to add, please send us those tips here.


SAFE HAVEN SCHOOLS- Training Families


SAFE HAVEN SCHOOLS Training Teachers


SAFE HAVEN SCHOOLS Training Staff Intake



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